Part of AquaTemp’s mission is to “Enhance the social well-being within the communities we serve”.

Sponsorship Criteria

AquaTemp wishes to support events and projects, as funds are available, with consideration given to those that are:

  • Aligned with AquaTemp’s values
  • Focused on gathering the community together in ways that are wholesome and family-friendly
  • Based in communities that AquaTemp is serving
  • Non-profit
  • Intended to benefit a group or organization that is:
    • Hosting an event that is open to the community
    • Doing a project that will benefit the community

The following types of groups will not be considered for community sponsorship as these funds are reserved for supporting AquaTemp team members in their passions and areas of service.

  • Sport teams
  • Ministries

How to Submit a Request

All requests for funding need to be submitted online through AquaTemp’s website. You can find the sponsorship application form below.

Deadline for Submission

Requests are to be received no later than the 15th of the month prior to the date of the event. Requests are reviewed once each month and response will be given to all applicants by the end of the month of submission.

We are proud to have sponsored the following events and organizations:

  • Bethany College
  • Thrive Discipleship Program
  • Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Women’s Day
  • Waldheim Warriors Senior Men’s Hockey
  • Hepburn Centennial Celebration Committee
  • Saskatoon Pups Wrestling
  • Hepburn Parks and Rec – Kid’s Carnival, Fair Days, Winter Festival, Adult Gym Night
  • Warman Schools Playground Project
  • Waldheim Outlaw Senior Men’s Hockey
  • Dalmeny Ladies Night
  • Dalmeny Spray and Play
  • Hepburn Gr.12 Paint Night
  • Hepburn Figure Skating Club
  • Hepburn After School Program
  • Hepburn School Community Career Fair
  • Hepburn MB Youth Concert
  • Hepburn Fire & EMS
  • Prairie Spirit Schools Foundations

Sponsorship Request

For sponsorship criteria and submission deadline information please refer to the details of AquaTemp’s Community Sponsorship Policy listed above.

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