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Solar Energy.
Solar Energy.

The Amazing Power of Solar Energy

Want to lower your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and protect our country’s natural resources?

Go solar. This renewable energy source harnesses the power of the sun.

You can take advantage of several regulations Greener Homes Grant (Federal Government) or the HELP program (City of Saskatoon), which are designed to make it affordable and convenient to add solar paneling to your Martensville, SK, home. Your home is no longer solely dependent on traditional fossil fuels—and depending on where you are located in Saskatchewan, the rates at which you can sell electricity back to the utility company changes.

Saskpower will buy back electricity at 50 cents on the dollar where as the City of Saskatoon will purchase it back at the same price that they sell it to you as the home owner. Have one AquaTemp’s experts can help walk you through the process.

Our licensed team at AquaTemp knows how to expertly install solar paneling so that you enjoy the benefits for years to come. We provide solar panel installation and services for both residential and commercial settings.

Here is what you need to know about solar energy:

How Solar Energy Works

Solar panels use photovoltaic cells to absorb sunlight and convert it into energy. The energy flows into a conductive wire that travels to an inverter. The inverter converts the energy into usable electricity to power your appliances, laptops, home entertainment systems, and other devices.

A meter keeps tabs on how much electricity you produce. In many states today, your local utility company will buy back any excess electricity your system generates.

What is the cost of solar panel installation?

The cost of installing solar paneling has steadily dropped over the past decade, making this green technology much more affordable. The average return on investment is fourteen to sixteen years.

Will adding solar panels increase my home’s value?

Installing solar panels increases the market value of your Martensville, SK home. Some areas, however, exempt part or all of the value solar panels add to your home’s assessment to avoid an increase in your property taxes.

Your market value goes up, but your property taxes remain the same. These exemptions were put in place to encourage homeowners to go solar.

Solar Energy Is Environmentally Friendly

If you care about your surroundings, consider the benefits of renewable energy sources.

With solar energy, you generate energy that creates zero greenhouse gas emissions from your conventional fossil fuels. Adding solar panels is your way of reducing air pollution.

In Saskatchewan our power is generated from various sources. 51% being generated by natural gas, 29% from coal, 11% from hydro, 6% from other and 3% from wind. Solar accounts for a negligible amount. All info is referenced here.

By adding solar panels on your home or business in Saskatchewan, you can see how that directly reduces the carbon footprint. 

Studies note that reducing our carbon footprint could save nearly $260 billion in global climate change damages.

By diversifying our country's energy supply, you help reduce Canada's dependence on imported fuels. You also help to create jobs in the green technology sectors.

Solar panels are exceptionally durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Our team will analyze your home’s energy efficiency and calculate your solar electricity needs to determine the number of panels you need.

Solar Energy Installation and Maintenance

You can trust AquaTemp with all your heating and cooling projects here in Saskatchewan. Here are a few things to consider when going solar:

Can solar paneling work on a historic home?

Absolutely. Innovations in the HVAC industry allow us to integrate the latest technology with any existing building. Our goal is to find a spot on your roof that receives plenty of exposure to sunlight.

How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels last a long time—more than 30 years in most cases!

Will I need a new roof to install solar panels?

Not necessarily. But if your roof is at the end of its service life, consider replacing it before installing the panels.

Does my home need to face a certain direction for solar panels?

Homes facing due south receive the most exposure to sunlight—but solar panels facing east or west receive more than enough sunlight to justify your expense.

Are there large shady trees surrounding your home? If so, we can install panels on other areas of your property that receive maximum exposure to sunlight.

What is a hybrid solar system?

Hybrid solar systems include battery storage, allowing you to save the power your panels generate during the day and use it later when the sun isn’t shining. Hybrid systems can still connect to the grid: you switch between using solar power, battery storage, and grid power. You can avoid using grid power at peak times, saving you money.

What maintenance is involved with solar panels?

Hardly any. We recommend allowing our team to inspect the panels once a year to ensure everything is operating correctly and check for loose connections. Otherwise, these systems are incredibly reliable and easy to maintain.

Additional Applications for Solar Energy

In addition to providing electricity for your home, solar panels can help with the following applications:

  • Battery backup
  • Electric car chargers
  • Pool heating
  • Water heating
  • Outdoor lighting
  • And much more!

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Solar energy is a sustainable, clean energy source. All you need is sunlight—technology will take care of the rest. Earn a few extra dollars to offset your Martensville, SK, Saskatchewan, energy costs, and help the environment. Call AquaTemp for a free consultation at 306-370-8678 or request service online today.


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