Preventing Catastrophic Water Damage From Your Warman Washing Machine

by AquaTemp

Preventing Catastrophic Water Damage From Your Warman Washing Machine. Laundry room Flooded.

Water damage in homes can arise from numerous sources, but one culprit often flies under the radar: washing machine hoses.

Surprisingly, burst hoses from washing machines rank in the top 10 culprits for water damage in homes. At AquaTemp, we’re committed to not only addressing your heating, cooling, and plumbing needs but also educating our clients on how to prevent potential disasters.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on why washing machine hoses burst and steps to prevent such incidents, safeguarding your home.

Understanding the Risk

Washing machines typically have three hoses: one for hot water, one for cold water, and a drain hose.

While the drain hose poses less of a threat, being used only during the drain cycle, the hot and cold water lines are constantly under pressure. This continuous pressure, especially in homes with higher water pressures over 60 psi, can significantly increase the risk of a burst hose.

Additionally, the abrupt stopping of water flow during the wash cycle can create a ‘water hammer’ effect—a shock wave that can stress the pipes and connections.

Proactive Measures for Prevention

At AquaTemp, we believe in stewardship and quality, which means managing your Warman home systems efficiently and effectively to prevent issues before they arise. Here are some steps you can take to protect your home:

1. Regular Inspections

Make it a routine to inspect your washing machine hoses monthly. Look for leaks, especially at the connections, and signs of wear like kinks, cracks, or deterioration. Keeping a vigilant eye can catch potential problems early.

2. Shut Off the Water Supply

Turning off the water supply to your washing machine when it’s not in use is a simple yet often overlooked practice. If you find the valves hard to operate, consider replacing them to facilitate easy shut-off.

3. Install an Emergency Shutoff Kit

An emergency shutoff kit can be a home-saver, automatically cutting off the water supply if a leak or burst is detected. These devices are affordable and offer peace of mind, ensuring rapid response to potential leaks.

4. Replace Hoses Periodically

Don’t wait for signs of wear and tear. Replace your washing machine hoses every 3-5 years. This straightforward maintenance task can prevent unexpected disasters.

5. Opt for Stainless Steel Braided Hoses

While they may appear more costly upfront, stainless steel braided hoses are a wise investment. Their durability and added reinforcement significantly reduce the likelihood of bursting, providing an extra layer of security.

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